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We specialize in providing high-quality living foods. These baby plants are packed with nutrients and flavor. Our mission is to serve the health and sustainability of our local community. 
Microgreens are an incredibly nutritious addition to any salad, sandwich, or taco that elevates the flavor tremendously! You won't believe how much better everything tastes by adding these powerhouses of goodness to all your recipes. 
All of our products are grown to order and delivered weekly to restaurants, retail outlets, homes, and markets.

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Who We Are

We are your neighbors, committed to growing the most nutritious, organic, and healthy greens for local chefs, retail outlets, and markets.  We have always sought out service to others and our community. Our goal is to take our passion for service & attention and apply it to an incredible product that is local, healthy year-round, and can be delivered to tables and restaurants ultra-fresh, within hours of harvest.  We offer both pre-cut and living trays of microgreens and can accommodate your specific needs. Our greens are grown using an entirely organic and sustainable process. 

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Shawna, S

I absolutely love these. I have tried almost all of their sprouts and haven’t found one I don’t enjoy. My favorite so far is the Spicy Micro Mix the flavor is amazing. I get the weekly delivery of it and it has always been super fresh and easily lasts the week. I do also pickup extra sprouts at Green Life Market (they are sold there as well). I highly recommend choosing Verdant Microgreens for your sprouts.

Maria, D

I love verdant microgreens. They are always fresh and delicious. I put them on everything! I have auto delivery so I love getting my fresh microgreens every week and I don’t even have to leave my house.

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